"Nicest template that I have used."

Alex, CEO @ Cruse

"High quality item."

Rose, Manager @ The Club

"Great customer service."

Nicol, DevOps

"Good documentation."

Snow, COO @ Home

The ultimate framework made for all

Ideal for startup. Wrap up your startup with beautiful website. Use our premade templates or combine sections quick and easy. With Framer you have options as many as you want.

Superb for companies. None of the sections depends of layout, customize it and combine to fit your needs. Copy your content in to new, modern design and refresh your brand.

Framer is not just one template

Initial version contains: 8 hero, 14 content, 11 showcase sections, 8 footers, 2 contact pages, 10 blog pages and 7 demos, + 20 various other sections. We are dedicated to work on new components and expand framer in the future.

Through our product we have made it possible for all the designers, developers and companies, to create their own websites quickly and easily. A variety of sections to chose from in creating your unique website.


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