Story summary

A historic and dramatic thriller, Incorruptible tells the true story of the real life wonderworker, St. Jean-Marie Vianney, known as the Curé (or Pastor) of Ars, which is a small town in southernFrance. Jean-Marie was almost denied being ordained a priest because of a learning disability, and being seen as a bit of bumbler, he was assigned the smallest church in all of the country. He went to preach the faith to a people who cared little for God, because for many years, the French Revolution had outlawed religion and had only recently lifted the ban.

Arriving in the town of Ars, Jean-Marie struggled against the apathy, immorality, and social evils of his day, but started to win people over through his kindness, down-to-earth good nature, and total passion for his mission... only to spark an even larger battle with the powers running the town, his enemies among his fellow priests, and ultimately the devil himself.

a hollywood production relased in theaters throughout the world

Based on eye-witness testimonies and first-hand accounts, Jean-Marie fought the darkness in the world around him and the actual Prince of Darkness for the salvation of his town.

A true under-dog story and an incredible supernatural thriller, the life of this man, who was almost denied ordination, was so captivating that more than 100,000 pilgrims per year came to see his witness to the power of faith, hope and love.

To this day, his body lies in Ars where it can still be seen as it has inexplicably not decomposed in over 150 years - it is a witness that in his life, and even in his death, this man is Incorruptible.