Location & Tax Incentives

Section 181 of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 offers tax incentives for investors in independent film and television productions produced within the United States and expires December 31, 2016. Any moneys invested in a feature film where the majority of the project is shot in the U.S., that money can be immediately declared as a business loss to be written off on an investor’s tax return for 2016.

The project is scheduled to be shot in Georgia, and Georgia’s Entertainment Industry Investment Act provides a 20 percent tax credit for companies that spend $500,000 or more on production and post-production in Georgia, either in a single production or on multiple projects. More tax credits will be pursued and are also possible.

The Producers seek to raise funds for the movie by making units available to investors. Units can currently be purchased for $25,000 per unit. For information on how to become involved with Incorruptible as an investor, supporter or otherwise, please click on the GET INVOLVED tab or click on CONTACT US below.