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To Invest Financially

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The Company seeks to raise investment funding in the amount of $500k to cover active development costs. “Development financing” is distinct from “production financing” in that the development money is only used during the development stage of making the film, before the movie goes into production. This process is exemplified by the hundreds of development offices seen across Los Angeles financed by major Studios and independent labels alike. Development financing requires a significantly less amount of capital, thereby increasing the rewards of investment and puts the Company in the strongest position to control the quality and costs and strike the best financial arrangements with studios, stars, talent and distributors.

A Gift of Prayer

Please pray for us and this project! Your prayers are a powerful contribution to this film. Contact us here and let us know how you will be praying for us and please share your intentions. Tell us how we can pray for you and we'll join our prayers with St. Jean Vianney.

A Gift of Service

If you are a filmmaker, or are involved in the film industry, or are involved in marketing, public relations distribution, or have a large audience on-line/or otherwise, or believe that in some way you can be of assistance to this project please let us know. The Cure of Ars has fans all over the world. If you are one of them and think you can help by all means let us know.