• Partner with global audiences to build a public constituency willing to take action.
  • Create a sustained awareness of our environment with a fresh analysis of our present situation that will build respect and care for our environment .
  • Demonstrate our connection to every living thing as well as the intricacies and balance of our food chains
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Our vision is to create content that will motivate, inspire and inform. We are all called to be good stewards of “our environment” which is also our home, but we cannot make decisions without truthful information. Our vision is to be THE source of information for what's really happening in our environment.

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What is Carbon Dioxide?

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climate change

More are willing to pay to fight climate change, survey says

How much would you pay on your electric bill to combat climate change? Is $10 or $20 a month reasonable? $50 too much? Or, maybe you’re unwilling to shell out anything at all. A new survey offers some insight regarding the extent to which Americans consider ...

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climate change

As our cities grow hotter, how will we adapt?

Katy Schneider, the former deputy mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, lives near Eastern Parkway, which forms one strand of her city’s necklace of green. Spending time on the leafy boulevard can make Louisville seem deceptively lush and shady, even when midsummer heat bakes ...

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