Our team is made up of scientists, visionaries, filmmakers and world class network specialists.


Michael Collins

Our founding director Michael Collins started as a young boy studying the Chesapeake Bay with his Grandfather Captain Martin O’Berry. Martin was head of the research fleet for the University of Maryland’s biological lab in Solomons MD. His love for the environment came from many years of exploring and studying the bay. Michael’s career has been in telecommunications, digital media and cinematography.


Lucius Gregg

Our foundations director Lucius Gregg has a long history in the aeronautical and space field. US Naval Academy and Harvard Grad, “Lu” has been at the forefront of many technological breakthroughs and history making events like the “digital” era.


Anthony Brannan

Anthony is a filmmaker and storyteller who values authenticity supreme and will approach every piece of information that Real Life Delivered encounters with curiosity and a skeptics eye. Anthony is learning about the issues facing our environment just like many of you and will question them all to arrive at facts and truth. Years of ocean swimming and trips to Yosemite have given him a deep love for the grandness and beauty of nature.


Beverly E. Gregg

After graduating with Honors from the historically Black Oakwood College in May 1975, Beverly Ward-Gregg joined Teledyne Brown Engineering in Huntsville, AL where she worked for 14 years. She then moved on to Hughes Aircraft in 1987 where she managed the Security Department of the Microelectronics Division for the next 13 years. Among many other notable accomplishments, Mrs. Gregg was awarded the James S. Cogswell Award - the highest honor extended by the Department of Defens efor recognition in all areas of protecting National Security Interests. Currently she holds the position of Manager Special Program Security for Raytheon Company. She sits on the Board of Directors for the Foundation for the Study of America’s Technology Leadership (FSATL).

Our Goals

Our goal is to find and create solutions that will allow a sustainable, healthy environment for all of us, man or creature. The end is near for some of our most precious waterways, reefs, habitats and ecosystems. Our goal is to build one of the largest online networks for news gathering, live environmental forecasting, documentaries and remote live shows with forensic level monitoring in brilliant 4K resolution.


Using data collected from ecological monitors already deployed globally we hope to inspire visionaries and scientists to invent the solutions needed to give our environment the upper hand it needs. Our aim is to motivate all people of good will to take action toward cleaning up our environment so nothing else is lost.

  • Forensic level discovery
  • UltraHD 4K camera resolution
  • Online portal for live TV channels and shows
  • Access our content via all social media apps
  • Live highlights from all over the globe
  • Access to live scientific data
  • Grants program